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The Renewable & Recyclable
Plywood Underlayment We Can
All Live With!

Moreland Company USA is a leading plywood underlayment manufacturer committed to sustainable forest management worldwide. All of our premium plywood underlayment and other quality wood products are manufactured to be environmentally friendly using only the highest quality sustainable hardwoods and incorporating Breathe FreeŽ marine-grade adhesive that meets or exceeds all toxic air emission standards. Best of all, our premium plywood underlayment products, like UltraplyXL, carry a transferable Lifetime Warranty (commercial & residential).


Committed to Sustainable Resources

Moreland Company USA promotes efforts to achieve the fastest practical progress towards environmentally sound permanent forests internationally. We encourage the use of wood products as a sustainable and renewable resource, and are consistently finding beneficial ways to reduce wood waste and to utilize residues. Our hardwood materials are harvested from plantations that are designed and maintained to be completely renewable every 10 years, so there will always be a cycle of new growth to maintain a regular supply of our quality products in the marketplace.


Ensuring the Highest Quality

We are dedicated to providing the finest plywood underlayment and wood products worldwide. Quality control extends to all aspects of Moreland Company USA from manufacturing to delivery. When you are using one of the many quality plywood products we provide, rest assured you have the best — Our reputation demands it!


Using Only Non-Toxic Adhesives

Moreland Company USA is committed to providing quality products that are renewable and recyclable, but we are dedicated to developing products that are safe to use and live with. That's why we developed our unique Breathe FreeŽ marine-grade adhesive that is CARB Phase 2 Certified to ensure that no one has to breathe harmful chemicals for the life of the product. Breathe FreeŽ marine-grade adhesive is long-lasting and guaranteed to maintain the integrity of the product for a lifetime, ensuring that our plywood underlayment and other plywood products will never delaminate. Breathe FreeŽ marine-grade adhesive is just one of the many reasons our plywood products have become America's #1 choice for 25 years!


Earn Valuable LEED Points

Every plywood underlayment and other wood product Moreland Company USA sells earns valuable LEED Points in three different categories: Rapidly Renewable Materials, Low Emitting Adhesives & Sealants, and Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan (before occupancy).


A Trusted Family Owned Company Since 1987!


Moreland Company USA is a family business that began in 1987 and has become an industry leader at providing the finest environmentally-friendly plywood underlayment and other wood products in the marketplace. Quality control extends to everything we do, from manufacturing to delivery. When you are using one of our many quality products, you can be sure you have the best.


Always Customer Minded

At Moreland Company USA, the customer always comes first! Our professional representatives are equipped with the latest technology and unparalleled product knowledge to meet your specific needs. We will always work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and that Moreland Company USA becomes your preferred source for quality plywood underlayment and other wood products.


Quality is the Name
of the Game

Our standards are unmatched in the field. From our mills to our warehouses and finally to your door, Moreland Company USA engages in strict quality measures so you can say we are the BEST without hesitation. Any plywood underlayment or other wood product purchased through Moreland Company USA is always fully warranted.


Committed to Our Environment

We take our responsibility very seriously to ensure that every plywood underlayment or other wood product we sell meets or exceeds the standards set by the US government to ensure environmental conservations and the protection of natural resources worldwide. Moreland Company USA requires all our suppliers to show evidence that they and their respective governments are undertaking practical measures to implement the ITTO Objective 2000, ISO 14000 certification and the LACEY Act, which are all programs that work to achieve sustainable management of natural forests for future generations. These criteria apply to all products available through Moreland Company USA. You can be sure that the products you purchase through Moreland Company USA will always provide for the reforestation and sustainable forest management — something we are very proud of!


Quality Plywood Underlayment and Wood Products from the Experts at Moreland Company USA

When it comes to plywood underlayment we are the experts. With over five generations of experience in selecting the very best woods and manufacturers from around the world, it is no surprise we can offer the very best plywood underlayment and other quality plywood products the world has to offer. Moreland Company USA takes pride in being able to offer odd size and cut to size plywood. With our extensive knowledge of different wood characteristics we are able to design a panel to fit your specific needs. Contact us today and allow one of our professional representatives to assist in meeting your specific needs.


Premium Plywood Underlayment for use under Vinyl, Carpet, Tile, Wood & all other floor coverings

  • Available in standard in 4'x4' and 4'x8' sheets
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranty — Residential and Commercial
  • Breathe FreeŽ Marine-Grade Glue
    that is CARB Phase 2 Certified

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Whole-Piece Face [WPF] imported plywood, perfect for projects that deserve the best

  • Custom made plywood for your OEM applications
  • Choice of Face/Back or platform
  • Available in 4-6 ft widths and 8-14 ft lengths

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Unique lightweight plywood ideal for cabinetry, counters, furniture
and more

  • 40% lighter than standard veneer core products
  • Thickness calibrated to +/- .3mm
  • Super smooth finish

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Table Engineered Plywood [TEP] designed exclusively for use as table tops, counter tops and laminated types of applications

  • Face and Back are engineered
  • No defects
  • A/B grade
  • Stable, lays nice and flat
  • Not light weight

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The best selection of specialty hardwood plywood products to meet every OEM need

  • Numerous wood species, grades and finishes
  • Specializing in unique and oversized plywood
  • Multiple thicknesses
  • CNC Routing

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