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Ultralight® Plywood

THE WEIGHT AS BEEN LIFTED! If weight is a concern, then our premium lightweight plywood is the best solution.

With a graceful and smooth grain structure, Ultralight® Plywood by Moreland Company USA is the ideal material for cabinetry, counter tops, portable tables and more — anything that requires lightweight construction. Hailed by leading woodworkers as the most versatile and dependable plywood available, Ultralight® Plywood is the ultimate and practical plywood for constructing boats, buses, campers, RVs and all your fine woodworking projects that require the very best materials. Ultralight® Plywood is precision engineered to be ultra-stable — it will always lay flat, making it the perfect choice for both lamination and structural uses. As the most cost effective plywood available, Ultralight® Plywood is the leading fine plywood for the woodworking industry.

  • Ideal for Cabinetry, Counters, Furniture and Tabletops
  • 40% Lighter Than Standard Veneer Core Products
  • Revered by Leading Woodworkers as the Best Lightweight Plywood
  • Thickness Calibrated to +/- .3 mm
  • Super Smooth Finish
  • Core Composed — No Voids
  • Easy on Machines
  • Easy on Labor
  • Available in Thicknesses of 1/8" up to 3", depending on your needs
  • Perfect for boats, buses campers, RVs and more


Safe For You And Our Environment

Moreland Company USA is committed to provided quality products that are renewable and recyclable, and we are dedicated to developing products that are safe to use and safe to live with. That’s why we developed our unique Breathe Free® marine-grade adhesive that is CARB Phase 2 Certified to ensure that no one has to breath harmful chemicals for the life of the product. Breathe Free® marine-grade adhesive is long-lasting and guaranteed to maintain the integrity of the product for a lifetime, ensuring that our plywood products will never delaminate. Breathe Free® marine grade adhesive is just one of the many reasons our plywood underlayment products have become America’s choice for more than 25 years!


The Most Cost-Effective Lightweight Plywood

We work hard very hard to provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your woodworking needs. Ultralight® Plywood is the leading quality lightweight plywood in the marketplace, and is engineered to help reduce your labor costs and save wear on your machines, reducing your overall manufacturing costs.








- Interior and Exterior Grades
- BB Face & CC Back
- 220 Grit Super-Sanded Both Sides
- Calibrated to +/- .3 mm

Select Hardwoods

4x8, 4x9, 4x10, 4x12, 5x8, 5x6, 6x6, 5x10, 5x12 —
YOU NAME IT! 1/2" Oversize FREE!




BIFMA Testing



X5.5-08-04.3 (Stability Test)
X5.5-08-05.2 (Strength Test)
X5.5-08-06 (Top Load Test)
X5.5-08-05.4 (Strength Test)
X5.5-08-05.3 (Strength Test)
X5.5-08-08 (Leg Strength Test)
X5.5-08-05.5 (Strength Test)


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